Net Lease Market Outlook

After a solid 2019 performance, the net lease industry appears to be headed for continued success in 2020. A combination of low interest rates, changes in the United States tax code and the desire for greater return on investments have caused high demand within the net lease market segment.

Lower Interest Rates, Greater Yields

At the start of 2020, many investors feared interest rates might increase, which would lead to a correction. Instead, interest rates have remained fairly low. Since the cost of capital is lower, buyers are free to invest money into larger deals. With this in mind, many commercial real estate owners are taking this opportunity to sell their smaller assets at superior price points. This, in turn, has created a steady supply of properties for potential buyers.

Slight Slowdown in Retail Development

A decrease in retailer development in certain markets has led to an inevitable slowdown in new retail development since 2016. However, the properties that are being built are extremely desirable for buyers. As always, newly built assets are sold at a premium due in part to their long lease terms and low maintenance costs. In addition to these new construction projects, resale properties have become popular in many markets.

Types of Properties in High Demand

The single tenant net lease (STNL) market has long been viewed as a stable investment vehicle. Guaranteed rents and known financials are just two of the many factors that make net lease assets ideal investments. The most in-demand properties in the STNL sector have a few things in common: these assets are brand-new construction in enviable locales with credit-backed tenants. Additionally, potential buyers prefer properties with Internet-proof tenants.

These preferences have led to the rise in popularity of quick-service restaurants (QSRs) among investors. Most trophy assets in the QSR market feature strong credit tenants whose profits are not hampered by Amazon and other Internet retailers. These lower-priced properties tend to have scheduled rental increases every five years and longer lease terms. Ground + Space currently has a McDonald’s for sale in California, Maryland that is a prime example of an enviable QSR asset. Other popular tenants in the QSR space include Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts.

Multi-tenant properties are also in high demand, especially those created via break-up strategies. To put it simply, a break-up strategy involves dividing a property into multiple parcels which can then be independently sold to different investors. This strategy is successful in part because it caters to the needs of a larger field of buyers. More buyers are in need of properties within the $2 million to $5 million range than larger properties with price tags of more than $30 million. The team at Ground + Space have worked with several property owners to facilitate break-up strategy sales of trophy assets in major markets.

About Ground + Space

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